Linwood Essentials and AAA Bar Event Details Announced!

Posted by on Nov 4, 2014 in Event News, Toronto News | No Comments

Toronto Bourbon Week is thrilled to welcome two new venue participants in 2014: Linwood Essentials and AAA Bar, both of whom are doing unique events during the week.

linwoodOn Saturday November 15th, Linwood Essentials is hosting our late-night event, running from 9 pm onward with an event entitled Flight of the Woodfords.  This event, as the name implies, will feature the renowned Kentucky distillery Woodford Reseve, with a special menu of three unique cocktails crafted with Woodford, available exclusively for Toronto Bourbon Week.  You’ll be able to try the full flight of three for $20, or two for $15.  That’s some kind of deal that you won’t want to miss.  This event is general admission and no tickets are required.


aaaAAA Bar is also getting in on the Toronto Bourbon Week fun with their event, entitled Triple ‘B’ & Q.  This event pairs AAA’s renowned BBQ a flight of bourbon on Wednesday, November 19th from 9pm onwards.  For $35, you’ll be able to choose three 1 oz samples from five ‘B’ bourbons: Booker’s, Basil Hayden, Blanton’s, Buffalo Trace and Bulleit, paired with AAA’s Texas Smoke Brisket, smoked on oak for 14 hours with a salt-and-pepper dry rub.  That’s a delicious combo any way you slice it.  This event is also general admission and no tickets are required.

We’re excited to have Linwood Essentials and AAA Bar in Toronto Bourbon Week this year, so mark these ones down in your calendar – and stay tuned for more announcements!