OTTAWA | Old School, New Cool

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bourbon14participants_cut_03Hear that? That’s the sound of Ottawa’s first Bourbon Week launching with a bang at two six {ate}, where old-school bourbon cocktails get a new-school twist and the party never stops.

The party, Old School, New Cool, starts Friday, November 21 at 10pm, in the heart of Little Italy. Toted as the “warmest, friendliest atmosphere in the city” on You Gotta Eat Here, two six {ate} is going to turn down the warm, and crank up the cool for this late-night cocktail party.

Having built a reputation for their reliable old-school cocktails, two six {ate} is going to offer the classic Mint Julep and Old Fashioned cocktails, as well as totally twisted takes on these and other classics. The kitchen will be open all night, so you’ll be able to enjoy a midnight snack of those Ottawa-famous Pogos.

This mash bash is general admission, and no tickets necessary. Reservations can be made by calling 613-695-8200, but are not required.